Dealing with Death

Yesterday we had a death in the family.

In the afternoon we discovered our beloved pet rabbit Jacque had died.  We are not sure what happened, but we think he may have overheated and died.

Of course, this news was even more devastating to my daughter – he was her rabbit.  We had lots of tears and lots of questions.  It’s always difficult to see a child grieve for something they loved so much.  So today we have to work out what to do with Jacque.  She wants to bury him, but we are in a rental property, and I am not sure we should do that.  We could bury him in a potplant, but we don’t have one big enough (he was a big rabbit).  At the moment he is unceremoniously wrapped in a green plastic bag, in a cardboard box.

Do you have any ideas of a ceremony we could do for Jacque?  The best choice would be to dispose of him in the bin, but I’d like to remember him nicely in a way that is appropriate for a 5 year old.

Bounce Freely dear Jacque.

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Tuesday 9 November 2010 - 8:13 pm

Poor Miss T, how awful it is having to deal with death. Is there any way you could bury him and set up a marker and have a little ceremony for her and then remove him afterwards and put him in the bin, leaving the ‘plot’ and the marker behind so that she has somewhere to go if she feels like visiting him?

If digging up a dead rabbit is too gruesome maybe you can just tell her you buried him there with the marker and have the ceremony but have him in the bin the whole time? Or bury a box – and tell her he is in it – and have her cover him with dirt, that might be symbolic for her.

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