WAHM Showcase – Mamamor

OK, so this post is two pronged – one – I love this website and have wanted to do a post on it anyways – but two – they are running a competition at the moment that needs referrals and I thought a number of my readers would LOVE this site.

MAMAMOR – handcrafted pregnant, birthing and breastfeeding dolls

These dolls are such individuals, beautifully hand crafted in Alberta Canada.  There is such a following of people on the facebook page, it shows you just how well appreciated these dolls are.  They have been on my wishlist for a very long time and one day I will own one!

I absolutely love the birthing and breastfeeding dolls.  They are available in a plethora of combinations – different races, twins, singletons, different hair styles, different fashion styles…  Each one is a one of a kind and when I look at them, I swear I start thinking about their story, what they would be like if they were a real woman with her real baby.

I have been a fan of these dolls for about 4 years now – from when I first read about them, and my admiration just seems to increase.

If you think these dolls are just as amazing as I do, head over to the Facebook Page and “Like!”.

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