Featured over at Blog This! (and challenge 69)

Oooooh.  I feel special.  I am featured as the new member over at Blog This!

So, Blog this members, if you are coming over to visit, leave a little bit of love in the comments.  I’ll be very grateful!

Challenge 69 is on at the moment – What would you do if you won division one in the lott0 – 52 MILLION dollars.

  • I would buy two houses.  A city home and a country retreat to share with friends and family.
  • I would buy a car, pay off our other and buy my mum a car.
  • I would buy myself a new wardrobe and a haircut and 5 pairs of nice shoes.
  • I would take my family on a trip around the world – Denmark, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, America, Canada, Japan, Carribean, Fiji, New Zealand.  And then I would tour around Australia with them.
  • I would pay for my baby’s birth.
  • I would donate money to a Sydney based Breastmilk Bank, A Children’s Hospital, A Cancer Support Group, a women’s shelter.
  • I would buy a lifetime membership to the ABA, and then donate subscriptions to women who cannot afford to themselves.
  • I would buy my daughter a pony.  Then I would buy myself one too.  And maybe even my sister one.
  • I would pay for my extended family (Mum, Dad, their Partners, my siblings, friends) to have a 2 week holiday together in a massive homestead
  • I would invest some money towards setting up Tara and Baby for their futures and schooling.
  • I would invest in my own future for down the track.
  • I would buy a new DSLR Camera and Lens kit, as well as a course in photography.

And then I think that would be a bucket of the money gone.  I think if I can share it, spend it and donate it I won’t get burdened by the overwhelming sense of lots of money burning in my bank account.

Perhaps I should really buy a ticket into the lotto with that list!

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