Featured over at Blog This! (and challenge 69)

Oooooh.  I feel special.  I am featured as the new member over at Blog This!

So, Blog this members, if you are coming over to visit, leave a little bit of love in the comments.  I’ll be very grateful!

Challenge 69 is on at the moment – What would you do if you won division one in the lott0 – 52 MILLION dollars.

  • I would buy two houses.  A city home and a country retreat to share with friends and family.
  • I would buy a car, pay off our other and buy my mum a car.
  • I would buy myself a new wardrobe and a haircut and 5 pairs of nice shoes.
  • I would take my family on a trip around the world – Denmark, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, America, Canada, Japan, Carribean, Fiji, New Zealand.  And then I would tour around Australia with them.
  • I would pay for my baby’s birth.
  • I would donate money to a Sydney based Breastmilk Bank, A Children’s Hospital, A Cancer Support Group, a women’s shelter.
  • I would buy a lifetime membership to the ABA, and then donate subscriptions to women who cannot afford to themselves.
  • I would buy my daughter a pony.  Then I would buy myself one too.  And maybe even my sister one.
  • I would pay for my extended family (Mum, Dad, their Partners, my siblings, friends) to have a 2 week holiday together in a massive homestead
  • I would invest some money towards setting up Tara and Baby for their futures and schooling.
  • I would invest in my own future for down the track.
  • I would buy a new DSLR Camera and Lens kit, as well as a course in photography.

And then I think that would be a bucket of the money gone.  I think if I can share it, spend it and donate it I won’t get burdened by the overwhelming sense of lots of money burning in my bank account.

Perhaps I should really buy a ticket into the lotto with that list!

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Wednesday 2 March 2011 - 12:21 am

I would do that too, looking after the family and the ones we love. Clearing debts and making life changes and giving back to the community. Enjoy the 52!

Thursday 10 March 2011 - 6:25 am

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