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Today I am tired.  I mean, really tired.  We were all awake and conscious around 6am this morning.  I don’t like Tara being up before 7.30 as it throws out my morning.  But at 6am she crawled into our bed – and sleep was a forgotten dream! This afternoon it hit me again, and I [...]

Blog This Challenge 67 vote!

Blog This is open for voting!  Would love to see some love in the polls! head over to Blog This! and cast your vote (don’t forget to check out the other entries either!).

Happy Moments

Seeing my unborn child via Ultrasound. Knowing my friend is about to welcome her baby earthside. Watching Tara get excited about her room being redecorated. The sound of the rain splashing over the windows in our house. Being given a massage by my 5 year old each morning. I play Happy Moments with We Heart [...]

Things I know…

I’m a bit behind the Friday “Things I know” post. But since Shae over at Yay for Home is doing a linky, I thought I would join in and share the love! Things I know… … 5 am is far too early to be awake.  Hell, 6am is far too early for me to be [...]

It is all so much more real….

Side View… Spine View Scary Freaky Frontal Eye View Teeny Tiny Finger View… Little Bear, meet the blogosphere.  Blogosphere, meet Little Bear… Tara came along to see her little Brother/Sister on the screen.  It took a while so she got bored in the end, but loved seeing the face and hands. 20-something weeks to go

Thankful Thursdays

It’s been a while since I have done this, but I thought it was about time.  I might even make it a play along… anyone interested? Welcome to Thankful Thursdays!  Five or more things you are thankful for.  Today I am thankful for: *My daughter’s class being announced today with her getting the teacher we [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Lady Jane Bling

**Wordless Wednesday brought to you by  My Little Drummer Boys **almost wordless – thanks go to Not Quite Nigella for her generous competition, delivered to my door. *squee*

Feeling the odd Mum out…

I’ve always had low self esteem.  Mixed with bullying growing up and other bits of crap, my outlook of myself has never been one of 100% love. On top of this I am NOT your average size 12 with a swanky hairdo of foils and fringes dressed in tight jeans and singlet top.  I am [...]

Bling on Love

I’m playing along at Maxabella Loves… I love my engagement ring because he chose it.  I love my wedding ring because I designed it.  I love them both because of what they mean.  However, I absolutely adore these… Thumb-cuffs, from the Old Melbourne Gaol He’d said we’d never get married, and I was slowly starting [...]

Murphy’s Law

Today was Tara’s 3rd day of school.  And as things tend to happen, Murphy came to visit. It started back on Friday when I received some replacement parts for our Nude Food Mover’s Lunch Box.  I’d sent them an email asking to buy some replacements, and they promptly sent me the parts I needed.  I [...]

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