Sporadic Blogging

This blog is very much like me. Full of creative bursts where I blog and blog and blog, and then other moments where I struggle to even meet the self imposed deadlines.  And it is not like I do not have the time – I have ample time to bash out a word or two on the keyboard each day.  But sometimes the mojo just vanishes.  It takes a vacation and struggles to return at the other end.

So what’s been happening at the moment that has been keeping my attentions in other places than this blog?

I have a wedding to go to this weekend.  Weddings are such exciting times and I have not been to one for a very long time.  This one is also the first family one I have been to that was not mine or my mothers.  I’m a bit excited.  Of course I had the perpetual problem that all women have – What The Hell Will I Wear?  Except I had the added complications of being pregnant, being broke and being bigger than a size 8 to start with!  I decided to make a dress instead, and it has worked out rather well.  I am hoping to share some photos soon!  It’s brown (yes, very boring! especially considering the dress code was “summer colours”). But it really suits me and I feel very special that I made it myself.  It isn’t finished yet – I have that to do – TODAY, but I hope that people won’t won’t notice that it’s a little bodgy!

I’ve also been trying to work out how on earth hubby and I are going to come up with a name for this baby before July!  We can’t automatically love any name, and I don’t want to just “settle” on a name either.  Tara’s name came to me in a dream, and from that moment on she was known as Tara.  It was easy and simple and she was named before she was 12 weeks old.  I’m already 21 weeks along with this child and no closer to being in love with a name. Male or Female!  And I can’t find my 10,000 Aussie Baby Names book.  Would be really handy to have that when we go on our trip tonight considering I have all night on a train to waste!

I’ve been cleaning – well, tidying – the same area over and over again.  Does anyone else have issues with cleaning and the space just gets messy immediately the moment you finish?  That’s what’s happened to my space in the Dining room and the Lounge Room.  I just struggle to get on top of it all – and what I really need is a pile of storage boxes to put everything into order.  Would be really good to get it all set up.  Will have to do that before the child comes.  Nesting is coming in waves but unfortunately the wave never seems to get me through an entire cleaning phase – so everything seems half finished!

So that is partly why this blog has been neglected or so sporadic.  Oh, and I am not going to promise to blog every day, or every second day.  I’ve made those promises before and sadly I break them all the time.  So I am going to promise to blog.  When I can. When I get a chance.  When I feel the urge.  I hope you can stay tuned through that!

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