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Sorry for the silence… Our net connection is a little bit lost at the moment. Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled program…

Things I know

Playing along with Yay for Home… I know… … I am insanely jealous of everyone going to the Aussie Bloggers Conference… … that waiting for someone to arrive who is much loved, is almost as torturous as saying goodbye. … that a Maccas 50cent cone is an affordable treat after a long week at school [...]

So much to post

and no motivation to do it. It is Wordless Wednesday today, but I figured since I have been slack I should do a proper post.  The thing is, I’m not feeling great today, my brain feels like mush, I am tired, shattered even.  I cannot even explain it. Well, some of it is thanks to [...]

Things I know…

I play Things I Know with Yay For Home… Things I know: …there is nothing quite like coming “home” to the place you grew up… …there is nothing quite like leaving home to go home to where you now live… …there is an amazing smile that comes across strangers faces when a 5 year old [...]

Baby Truths.

I’m 22 weeks now.  I think.  Oh, really, I don’t know.  I’m due July sometime. That’s all I need to know. So anyways, this baby is growing. It’s got a head, a heart, some fingers and toes.  Everything is in its place at the right size etc etc etc. And I feel so so so [...]


I’m sitting in my mother’s lounge room.  Avatar is roaring through the surround sound system and it’s vibrating through the floor.  My mum is to the left, my sister to the right and Tara is practically sitting on top of me.  It’s lovely, moments like this where we are all together, doing nothing.  We are [...]

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