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Things I know

Today I went to the Parents Babies and Children’s Expo at Sydney Olympic Park.  So today’s Things I know is a reflection of that… Playing along at Yay for Home. Things I know – The Baby Expo Special. I know… …that 8 strollers in one expo alley can cause traffic jams and road rage …that [...]

Thankful Thursday

I am feeling really slack at the moment – as you can probably tell. This blog is being neglected and it’s really just a reflection of my headspace.  Some things I want to blog about don’t seem fair to blog about, and others seem too weird.  I am a fan of blogging your truth, but [...]

Things I know…

It has been a while since I participated in Things I know with Yay For Home… slowly I am getting some of that Mojo back… Things I know… *I am REALLY hormonal and the more I try not to cry, the more I feel I need to. *Blogs are good for making me cry *Some [...]

Hormones and Emotional Growth

I am a raging bottle of hormones at the moment.  I cry at least once a day.  Usually more.  It’s actually a bit cathartic.  But it makes people really uneasy.  That, or I provide humour to them! Kids crying at school = me with tears Kids crying in the supermarket = me with tears Me [...]

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