Things I Know

It’s Friday and I am playing Things I know with Yay For Home

  • I know that a child will always get sick when you have something important to go to or do
  • I know that the child will be remarkably better at 9am that morning
  • I know that my head is going to hurt all day from the sleep I did not have last night.
  • I know that the sounds of Zhu Zhu pets and Fur Real pets can grate you to the bone – especially with the aforementioned headache
  • I know that coffee is going to take far too long to make this morning – and still not hit the spot because it’s not a cappuccino
  • I know that the mother of the birthday child on the weekend is going love me after I buy a Zhu Zhu pet or Fur Real pet for her daughter.
  • I know that my local cafe does not do home delivery.  And that is a great travesty this morning!!
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