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Things I Know

It is Friday and once again it is time for Things I Know… So here ate some things I know this week… Almost six year olds and wobbly teeth make a very particular type of gross. The phrase “are we there yet?” is tiring before it is ever chanted.. Restless legs are the pits Being [...]

Thankful Thursdays

Playing along with Kate Says Stuff er Jess with Diary of a Stay at Home Mum It’s a quick and simple one today. I am thankful for QLD friends. Michelle, Stacey,  Nikki (picture of baby Juniper instead of Nikki because I forgot to get one today!) and Lesley… Love you all.  

Red Tides

Welcome to another post talking about menstruation. Mine. So if you need to avert your eyes, please go ahead. I woke up yesterday morning, headed to the loo like most people do first thing, did my stuff and then I wiped. And I saw it.  Mottled red on the toilet paper, my bleed had arrived. [...]

Before Getting Away

I had a massive panic before we went away.  One that caused lots of tears, lots of pacing, lots of late night ramblings on a number of social networking sites. What do I do with Avery? All of a sudden I kept flipping out about whether I was going to leave him behind or take [...]

Another day getting away

Am tired, sore and slightly inebriated so am leaving this blog post until another time. Just saying that friends who “get you” are wonderful.. Ni nite.   —- Edit. Good Morning! Well, that is always a bit of a faux pas, isn’t it?  Midnight drunk blogging.  So last year! So, I thought I would update [...]

Getting Away

So it was decided, since it is September School Holidays, that we would get away.  I think it is fair to say, we all need it. Day One saw us leave Sydney at “Ridiculous O’clock” and travel north.  And as would ALWAYS have it, the moment we leave Sydney for any particular reason, Ally’s phone [...]

Things I Know

This is a Things I don’t know post, because my mind is such a mess at the moment. Am just blaming it on PMSing for now because that is the only logical idea (because grief is REALLY logical -scoff!) So, I don’t know why I am bursting into tears at the drop of a hat. [...]

A Life Cycle

One year ago today I started my last menstrual bleed. The start of the cycle where Avery was conceived. Because of infertility (PCOS etc), my cycles were very irregular, so I kept track.  I had to. Avery was conceived on the 16th of October 2010.  28th of October is when I peed on a stick. [...]

Thankful Thursdays

I am thankful for my iPhone that us allowing me to update my blog because I can’t remember the login address on the browser.. I am thankful for my nailpolish addiction that keeps my mind vacant when I don’t want to think I am thankful for school holidays to fancy places (one that comes with [...]

Wordless Wednesday

Light Reading. Not.

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