Party for my princess

It’s coming up to birthday season.  Yes. The Divine Miss Tara is about to turn 6 in a month and I am a little very shell shocked. SIX?!

So, for a while the requests were coming in..

  • Rainbow party
  • Princess party
  • Unicorn party
  • another Ballet Party
  • a movie party
  • a party of all of the above!

But after attending the beautiful party of Tigerlily recently, Tara was very determined on her party.  A magical Princess Unicorn party.  Um, yes.  That’s easy. *cough*. So very very easy. *heartattack*

And because of the kinda shit year we have had… I thought, why not?  We were going to have a little birthday, but I thought that since a lot of her friends helped us out significantly with the death of Avery with playdates and dinner and pick ups from school, this would be a nice way to say thanks, by creating a rather extravagant party.  *faints some more*

So… here are some plans (that may or may not come to fruition!)…

She wants a rainbow cake


She wants unicorns

Source: via Kristie on Pinterest


She wants tea party


She wants a swishy dress

I want sugar cookies


I want cooirdinated stationary

I want a balloon garland


And most of all, I want it to all fall into place!

Did I mention we are going away for 10 days between now and her party?

I think I can file this under #bitingoffmorethanIcanchew

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