Easter Show

Tara and Paddington, Royal Easter Show 2011.
Source – News.com.au

I was reminded by Mrs Woogs wonderful post about the Easter Show (go visit! there is a Sony Galaxy up for grabs!) that I have not shared the Easter Show Experience with any of you.

We are Show Veterans. Not 20 years in the saddle veterans, rather almost a decade of being a part of the Sydney Royal.  In the Animal showing section.  Domestic Animals.  You know – Cats and Dogs?  Yes! But with something a little bit more left of field.  We are involved in Rats and Mice.  Go on, do your double take!  You read it correctly the first time.  Rats and Mice.  Complete with gnashing teeth and long tails.

Get your chuckles out of the way now.  And your eeewwwwws.  I have heard it all before!  And more.   But the rat and mouse show is serious business!

After the year we had with Avery and with Tara being a little anxious, it was decided instead of me doing Mouse Judging this year I would do data entry of the results.  However, often I am out the front stewarding or judging the little fury creatures.

What goes into judging a rat or a mouse I hear you cry? Oh lots! You judge their Eyes, Ears, Head and Tail.  Then you judge their colour and markings, their condition, their coat, their temperament and their overall conformation.  Points out of 100.

All the points are added together and then the rat and mouse with the highest total number of points take home massive Crystalware and the title of “Sydney Royal Easter Show Grand Champion 2012″. Yes. Really.

This year we had superstar Dr Harry visiting and talking with the exhibitors and judges which was super exciting.  I got to give him a cup of tea and got called wonderful and lovely. WOOT.  Look out for the feature on Better Homes and Gardens in the future.

Last year Tara had her photo taken (shown above) and was in big Sydney newspapers.  She had her photo taken again this year too. Something about being a super cute kid and not afraid to hold big scary rats. However, the wonderful people at news.com.au used the wonderful photo of Paddington getting smooched to warn of the dangers of Rat Bite Fever (due to kissing rodents). Do I get my medal for mother of the year now?

It might be a little tongue in cheek, but it is a wonderful experience and we love it.  Even if I am allergic to rats and mice. Yes. Really.  I am a judge, and I am allergic.

So, next year come and visit me at the Royal with my nice shiny badge and a rat in my hand! Even better, let your little Johnny or Susie enter Fluffy the mouse or George the Rat in the competition!  They will have an absolute ball!

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Tuesday 17 April 2012 - 11:23 am

That’s an awesome photo! I love rodents, they’re so cute! ^_^

Wednesday 18 April 2012 - 9:15 pm

Oh Paddington! That photo feels like a million years ago. Tara has such an affinity with my rats. Funny that her rat of choice this year was Persnickety, Paddington’s sister. ‘snicks was absolutely loving the cuddles and love from Tara LOL

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