The Pipe Dream

There is a dream, loitering in the back of my mind.  I see it when I close my eyes.  So vivid I could touch it.  I can see it in snippets from the bare bones of the idea in its infancy, to the fruition and unveiling of something finished.  I can see the people visiting, of sharing, of being involved, of breathing LIFE into this little dream.

But it is going to require a lot from me.

It is going to require a lot from others.

It is going to do so much.

It HAS to get off the ground.

I have run it by a few people and the response has been so overwhelmingly positive.

So stay tuned folks. Wish me luck and send me some good fortunes.  This Pipe Dream needs make its way out of my mind, and into your hearts.  Yes, so much vague sugar propping going on but I need to start psyching.  I need to start finding some help for it… need to start sending the wishes out into the universe and hoping for some Avery Magic to come tap me on the shoulder.

Social Media for Social Good… *wink*


I’ve been nominated in the Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Blogs 2012 competition.  I am so honoured and humbled by the fact that people think my blog is worthy enough to be voted upon.  There are SO many blogs worthy of being voted for, so when you go to *cough* vote for me *cough* you can vote for as MANY blogs as you like!  But you can only vote once, so please remember to check all that you love!  (me included!).  So click on the button below and vote up a storm.  And I cannot recall if I posted about this already, so if I have, I apologise for the blatant spamming…

People's Choice Award

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Friday 27 April 2012 - 4:11 pm

[...] have a project in my head.  I spoke about it recently.  Well, I am now starting to source all the elements needed for it to go ahead.  It is [...]

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