Sick. Again.

I seem to be sick again. It started suddenly.  Yesterday afternoon at 2pm with fevers in Bunnings.  First I was cold.  And then I was freezing.  And then I was beyond freezing.  Sitting in the car with the heater blaring directly on me, I still could not warm up.

Got home and threw myself into bed.  Flannel sheet, Winter Doona, Fleece blanket… still cold.  Beg Tara to put another doona on top of me.  Please.  More!

Still cold.  I can’t  warm up at all.  Shower.  I hobble my aching body into the shower and heat up from the outside out. Clambering out of the shower, I head back to bed.  With wet hair.  Not my wisest decision, but by this time I am not thinking. Piling all of the blankets on once again, doubling the top one over, I try and relax.

Sleep eventually comes, woken time and time again by the ferociousness of my shaking.  Tara brings me water.  My body is aching from the shakes.  Sleep comes again.

OMG, so hot!  Throwing blankets off.  Dripping in sweat.  Sheet is wet.  Throw my legs out into the cool air, only to freeze again.  All night I alternate between freezing and frying.

Morning comes after bad TV, skulling water, and fractious sleep and I feel headachy but fine.  A little sweaty, but fine. I have a dehydration headache, so I reach for a massive glass of water, and some panadol.  Ready to attack the day at a Blogger’s Event.

I notice I am sweating all day. Water, Coke, Water, Coke (don’t kill me!). On the bus on the way home (and after the prompting of some friends on Facebook) I decide I should see a Dr.  Especially when I am reminded I have been having kidney pain on and off for a week. (In my defense, last time this happened it was nothing).

The doctor sees me, takes a recent history and asks me to wee in a cup.  I oblige.  Even I am shocked at the colour.  Like tea that has had the teabag in it too long.

The doctor does a dip test and she is confused with the results.  “I’ve never seen that before” does not leave me a lot of confidence.  That’s what they said about when Avery died.   Some of the results show infection.  Kidney and Liver.  I am sent for blood tests and given a script.

The pathologist gets my vein the first time.  She laughs.  It’s my day today!

I go back on Monday for results, or head to the dr again if I get worse or if things change.

Hot and cold today, but not as bad as last night.  And I have started the meds, and had cranberries for dinner.

Having had Renal Failure in July, I am a touch paranoid, but it seems this time I was right to be…

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Friday 18 May 2012 - 11:51 pm

Ahhh nooooo :( xxxx

Friday 18 May 2012 - 11:52 pm

Glad you took notice and went to the doc… hope the results are nothing too much to worry about now that you are on ABs..

… and no more coke!! ;)

Saturday 19 May 2012 - 2:23 pm

Tara, you are awesome looking after your mumma like that.

Hope you get better soon Kristie, that sounds remarkably unpleasant :|

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