It’s time for a new About Me.  Lots of stuff has changed since Hespera’s Garden bloomed.

My name is Kristie.  I am 30-something. I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter, a sister.  And I’m a (fairy-)god-mother.  My Daughter – The Divine Miss T – is 5 and is half way through her first year of Big School.  Though, she will always be my baby.  I have been married for 3+ years. We forgot our Wedding Anniversary last year.   I’ve suffered secondary infertility due to PCOS.  It took 3.5 years to successfully fall pregnant after Miss T.  I love that I am a woman.  I love chocolate and bunnies (and chocolate bunnies!) and cuddles stolen at 4am in the morning by my big girl. I talk in circles sometimes. I use far too many ellipses… sometimes swear. And I make spelling mistakes.

On July 14 2011, my son Avery came into this world stillborn.  He was full term.  He is missed.  A lot of Hespera’s Garden is about finding a new balance, a new Every Day and navigating this together with my family (and my friends). There is a lot of raw stuff that happens here.  And I don’t apologise for it – much.

I don’t talk about my hubby at his request, so if this blog seems a little one sided – it is.  I rabbit on about crap often, and speak my mind – as foggy as that is.  I’ll try and be interesting, but I’ve got no guarantees.

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