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Dear Caelan, You are One

To my dear, sweet little fawn baby. You are one! I cannot believe it. Yesterday we celebrated your first rotation around the sun with a beautiful picnic at the park with so many dear to us. It was amazing to feel the love surround you and follow your wake.  We based your party around the [...]

Breastfeeding Caelan comes to an End

It is no secret how much I wanted to breastfed Caelan.  How much I grieved that relationship with Avery and how much I looked forward to bonding with Caelan through the act of nourishing him from my breast. Nature had different plans however.  I have a post in my drafts folder that I never published, [...]

Caelan is here!

A baby has been born! Sorry I’ve been silent, but I’ve been baby gazing! Here are the important stats! Caelan James Charles Tatton 08.03.2013 9.22pm 2.882 kg 45.5 cm length 33.6 cm head circumference APGARS 9 and 9 I’ll add more info soon!

Maternity Photo Shoot – Cavanagh Photography

I wrote recently about the anxiety attack Tara had when we had our photo shoot with the wonderful Adam from Cavanagh Photography.  This photo session was organised by a lovely friend of mine from online.  I felt so blessed that Natalie, Adam and Kim wanted to offer such a sweet gift to my family, to [...]

Not just simple photos

Every time I use my phone, his face is there.  Snuggled against my chest, nestled next to my heart.  I look at the photo and feel many blessings.  And utter sadness. And now… now my thoughts start wandering to what is coming. The welcoming of a new wee babe into our family unit.  A baby [...]

Hush Now

hush now close your eyes spread your wings and touch the sky

Anjella Roessler – (Not So) Trash the Dress

After I miscarried Little Bird, I contacted my friend (and wedding photographer) Anjella Roessler.  We organised for a photo session together and today I received the photos. I thought I would share! A Trash the dress without the Trashing… Ignore the worlds biggest cold-sore!

The Wedding Post

(Not Really quite Wordless Wednesday!) The other half and I were married in October 2007.  It was a glorious day.  We were very very blessed.  My darling photographer (who I will pimp out soon once she gets her deets in order again after an hiatus) was more than gifted, she was a craftmaster with her [...]

Things I know

It’s Things I Know Friday! Playing along with Yay For Home! So here is what I know this week! Fake nails are so pretty!  but OMG they were rough and my fingers are so sore! I can be a pretty impressive shopper some times.  Party Dress for tomorrow night – 50% off the sale price.  [...]

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