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I’ve known you for a year

One year ago you made yourself known. Slipped into our lives filling our hearts with hope, anxiety and trepidation. I whispered your existence to confidants, hoping our combined prayers may will you into this life. I held my stomach trying to feel your essence, hoping you would feel my love calling to you. One year [...]

Babywearing and loss, searching for others

I am putting the call out to the baby-loss community to help me find any other parents who used baby-wearing during the time with their spirit baby or their wee baby before they grew their wings. Please email me at

Life is a Little Crazy

I know I know… the blog has been neglected. I’m sorry. For you and for me, because so many things have been happening, and I have just not been recording them. Le Sigh. Life has been more than a little bit crazy the last few months. Hospital, Traveling, Hospital, Doctors, Hospital, Baby, Home, Hospital, Drs, [...]

Maternity Photo Shoot – Cavanagh Photography

I wrote recently about the anxiety attack Tara had when we had our photo shoot with the wonderful Adam from Cavanagh Photography.  This photo session was organised by a lovely friend of mine from online.  I felt so blessed that Natalie, Adam and Kim wanted to offer such a sweet gift to my family, to [...]

Anxiety Bites

So, this baby is going to be here soon.  One way ore another, it is going to be here and we will be taking the next steps as a family.  I have lots of people who say things like “this will be perfect” or “you’ll have a happy ending” but the truth is, while yes, [...]

Not that long away

In less than 50 days I am going to be holding a baby in my arms.  Next month. A few weeks.  No time at all really. And I waiver between being excited and shit scared. We have been in this place before.  Looking forward to a baby, prepared for them to arrive, only for fate [...]

Babywearing Gets you Close

If you have known me for a long time, you will know my thoughts on babywearing.  For those who are new to this game, let’s just say – it is very important.  In fact, that is probably an understatement in my books. Currently there is a movement going on in Australia called Carrying On Campaign [...]

The Monster Under Your Bed

Baby loss grief brings up lots of things in your mind, and for me, it brings out a side of me I really don’t like and spend a lot of time trying to fight back, change and stuff back into a box. But I guess that’s something about grief, it’s not rational.  No matter how [...]


I am holding her in my arms and its is so natural.  She is nestling in between my breasts sleeping sweetly while my body automatically rocks back and forth.  Rhythmically and gently we sway. And then my heart races, pounding.  I look down and stare at her face.  One… Two… Three… I pull at her [...]

The Day We Said Goodbye

Avery’s Casket, with my bear, some photos, some flowers.  Casket open. It was Thursday morning.  I woke after a restless night of sleep of tossing, and turning.  My body was tired and sore, but my head was worse. It was late and I joined the family in the lounge room.  Quiet chatter buzzed in competition [...]

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