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I Am Here!

I am here everyone, I am here! I am just solidly working behind the scenes on the new and improved Hespera’s Garden. I hope to get it to go live in a week, just before I hit DPCON. It will be completely different, have a shop, and will hopefully allow me to reply to you [...]

School Lunches Continued

After my last blog post I started searching around.  Here are some websites that have really caught my eye Frills in the Hills (mentioned here before)… 360 Lunches Taste (Lunchbox Ideas Collection) Fed Up With Lunch (The School Lunch Project) The Organised Housewife (Lunch Ideas Post) I am feeling a little inspired…

WAHM Showcase – Mamamor

OK, so this post is two pronged – one – I love this website and have wanted to do a post on it anyways – but two – they are running a competition at the moment that needs referrals and I thought a number of my readers would LOVE this site. MAMAMOR – handcrafted pregnant, [...]

WAHM Showcase and Shout out

Ooooh. I forgot to post this yesterday, so you get to have TWO posts today.! Here is a quick list of some websites in my I *heart* box at the moment. – beautiful clothing for the wee ones.  Lovely skill here by a very talented mama. – I’m in the middle of planning [...]

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